I'm a first generation Cuban-American. Born and raised in Miami.

I like to think I'm part Viking. So that would make me a Cuban Viking, which is probably the sexiest thing anyone's ever said... So, I was born a sexy Cuban Viking that began life in love with sports, movies, and cake. What warm-blooded American doesn't love those things? Sometime in High School after a couple injuries and way too many practices, I fell head over heals for a dirty little mistress named Theater. She says the "e" is last "Theatre", but I say this is America and that's not how that works.

After our first argument, a few mojitos, and something whispered that I will never repeat, she brought me to NYC! She introduced me to her sister Film, who as it turns out, I grew up with and never even realized! Soon I started hanging/working at all these cool places: NETFLIX, HBO, TBS, blackpills, NYTW, New Dramatists, Theater for the New City, Dixon Place, IATI Theater, The PIT, NYU Writers lab, Columbia's MFA Directors & Writers program, the Robert Moss Theater, and The New York International Fringe Festival! 


These past few years have taught me a few things. 1. Laughter helps everything, the stupider the better. 2. Never give a hobo more than $10 (he will hug you and you will feel moist & stinky). 3. Search for moments that last an eternity and find an eternity within a moment. 4. 1 bottle of Whiskey does NOT = 1 serving. 5. The power of Empathy is worth cultivating and the quickest path to its growth in our society, is Theater. 6. This is the age of TV, but Movies & Theater will never die...






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